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About Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SDUTCM) was founded in 1958,listed as one of the key state construction TCM higher-learning institutes in 1978, and approved as one of the key Shandong provincial universities in 1981. It is currently the only independently established medical university in Shandong Province, and rated excellent in the national undergraduate education evaluation conducted by the Ministry of Education. It is one of the first “five preeminent featured universities” approved by Shandong provincial government. Among all the colleges and universities in Shandong province, it takes the lead in the number of the state key disciplines, it is among the earliest to offer master’s and doctoral programs and post-doctoral research programs, and to undertook “973 Project” as a chief organization.

In 2007, the main campus moved from Lixia District, Jinan City, to the college town of Changqing District, covering a total area of 122 hectares with a building area of 545,000 square meters, equipped with a computer network and modern educational technologies. The facilities and equipment are valued at over RMB 170,876,000, and the library has a collection of 1, 100,000 paper books and 470,000 electronic books. It has 13 colleges, 3 directly-affiliated hospitals, 11 indirectly-affiliated hospitals, 22 teaching hospitals and over 50 clinical teaching bases.

SDUTCM offers well-rounded educational programs at various academic levels. It has 21 undergraduate programs involving medicine, sciences, humanities, engineering and management. Meanwhile, it offers doctoral degrees of 15 specialties in 3 top disciplines,i.e. traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese material medical and combination of TCM and western medicine, It also offers master’s degrees of 44 specialties in 8 top disciplines, which involve all the second-rate disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese material medical and combination of TCM and western medicine.

SDUTCM has a highly-competitive teaching faculty. Amongst over 3300 staff members, there are 76 doctorate supervisors, and 370 master supervisors. It has an enrollment of over 20,000 students, including over 18,100 undergraduates and over 2,600 postgraduates.

SDUTCM has been focusing on strengthening its discipline construction, with a batch of dominant and featured disciplines being formed. It now owns 3 state key disciplines,i.e. basic theory of TCM history and literature of TCM and traditional Chinese internal medicine, 1 Health Ministry technology admittance specialty, 29 State TCM Administration key disciplines, 8 Shandong provincial “Taishan Fellowship” disciplines, 1 Shandong provincial research base of humanities and social sciences, and 14 Shandong provincial key disciplines,10 key specialties and 24 key laboratories. Its comprehensive scientific research capacity has leaped into the front ranks of TCM universities in mainland China.

SDUTCM attaches great importance to international academic exchange and cooperation. It has built long-term cooperative relationships with over 10 universities and medical organizations in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, etc., collaborating with them in TCM education, medical care and scientific research. Its International Education College is responsible for enrollment and administration of overseas students in the undergraduate, master and doctoral programs and various short-term training courses, which are instructed in English, Japanese and Korean .It now has about 200 long-term overseas students and receives over 200 short-term students yearly.

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