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Other Expense in Hangzhou Normal University

Tuition & Accommodation:

Items Programs Foreign Students

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao 

 Overseas Chinese Students

Tuition  Undergraduate RMB 23,000/year

RMB 4,400/year( for those who pass the

National Unified Recruitment Examination

for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas

Chinese students )

RMB 8,800/year( for those who failed in the

National Unified Recruitment Examination

for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas

Chinese students)

Master's Degree RMB 30,000/year RMB 10,000 / year
Doctoral Degree RMB 38,000/year RMB 10,000 / year

Short-term Training


Period of


Instructed in Chinese

Instructed in Foreig


1 week RMB 1,500 RMB 1,800
2 weeks RMB 2,600 RMB 3,300
4 weeks RMB 4,800 RMB 6,000
≥3 months RMB 4,100/month RMB 5,200/month
≥6 months RMB 3,300/month RMB 4,500/month
≥1 year RMB 3,000/month RMB 3,700/month

Clinical Training for

the National Licensed

Doctor Qualification


1 year RMB 30,000
Accommodation long-term RMB 45~50 /day
Short-term RMB 80~120 /day

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